A new chapter begins. Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC is pleased and proud to announce that Corrine Boni-Vendola has been appointed by the State of Connecticut as a Superior Court Judge. While we will miss her in the daily trenches, we could not be happier for or prouder of Corrine. She will be sworn in today, March 26, 2024, and we look forward to seeing her on the bench continuing her work in the legal system.

With Corrine’s departure, we will be continuing as a new partnership, Charles & Concilio, PC. Nicole Concilio, who has been an attorney for 20 years and has worked with Corrine and Marianne for 17 of those years, going forward will be a named partner. She is well deserving, and we look forward to her ongoing loyalty and diligence to the practice of Family Law.

Marianne, Nicole, and the excellent staff at Charles & Concilio, PC, will continue to expertly serve Fairfield and New Haven counties in all matters related to family and matrimonial law.


Navigating Child Support In Connecticut

Navigating Child Support In Connecticut

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When you and your partner decide to end your relationship, it can be a struggle for everyone involved. But beyond your personal emotional feelings, if you and the other person share a child together, then it means that you need to work together for the sake of your child. In order to make sure that you have someone advocating for your rights during the legal custody process and discussion of child support, you want to work alongside a trusted local attorney. This can help you to better understand your options at each step along the way.

Here at Charles & Concilio, P.C., we know how important your child is to you, and we are here to help you to make positive steps in custody. Having the resources that you need when raising your child can make a huge difference in your ability to be a positive parent, and child support can play an important role. The state of Connecticut has a vested interest in ensuring that your child has a safe and healthy upbringing, so talk to our team about what that means for you and your family. Give us a call today!

Does Connecticut Have Dedicated Child Support Laws?

In Connecticut, like other states, we understand the value of young life, and so we want to make sure that parents are appropriately raising their children. Our laws can reflect this in a number of ways, including the discussion of child support. Our state has guidelines in place to provide the courts with a frame of required child support payments, depending on each parent’s income, the number of children of each parent, and other qualifications. The Connecticut Judicial Branch even has a helpful child support calculator.

You can work with the other parent to create your own agreement, if you would prefer. Some families opt to have a parenting plan in place, and this can help people to work out a solution that works best for them.

Child Support Is Legally Binding

When you and the other parent come to a conclusion on monthly child support payments, it is important to follow the rules that are given to you by the court. Whether through the guidelines provided by the Connecticut Department of Social Services’ Office of Child Support Services or through your own parenting plan, once you have directions related to child support, they become legally binding. This means that if you start withholding your payments, it could become a significant legal problem.

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We represent you and your children’s best interests through custody matters by gaining a thorough understanding of your situation.

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