A new chapter begins. Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC is pleased and proud to announce that Corrine Boni-Vendola has been appointed by the State of Connecticut as a Superior Court Judge. While we will miss her in the daily trenches, we could not be happier for or prouder of Corrine. She will be sworn in today, March 26, 2024, and we look forward to seeing her on the bench continuing her work in the legal system.

With Corrine’s departure, we will be continuing as a new partnership, Charles & Concilio, PC. Nicole Concilio, who has been an attorney for 20 years and has worked with Corrine and Marianne for 17 of those years, going forward will be a named partner. She is well deserving, and we look forward to her ongoing loyalty and diligence to the practice of Family Law.

Marianne, Nicole, and the excellent staff at Charles & Concilio, PC, will continue to expertly serve Fairfield and New Haven counties in all matters related to family and matrimonial law.


Law Services

Charles & Concilio, P.C., combine years of experience with a compassionate approach to represent clients across a spectrum of matrimonial and family law matters. In addition to meeting a person where they are, our attorneys go that extra mile to make sure that each client’s needs are thoroughly understood and that their voice is heard. Services that our firm provide include the following:


Dissolving a civil union or marriage is a process that is often met with great emotion, frustration, concern, and more. Further, the legal process can be daunting in and of itself, and it only takes a minor mistake for your matter to be delayed or thrown out completely.

As your attorneys, our role is not to judge your situation, but rather, gain a full and complete understanding of it so that we can ensure that you are represented properly through every step of the process. In the state of Connecticut, a divorce complaint can be filed at any time after either spouse establishes residency in the state, but it can only be granted if certain residency requirements are met.

Further, a judge in the state of Connecticut can grant a divorce if you have the grounds for one, or legally acceptable reasons for union dissolution. To learn more about the intricacies of the legal separation process and what this means for your matter, consult with our team today.


In addition to assisting you through the legal divorce process, our team has years of experience and compassion when it comes to child custody matters. When children are involved, important decisions must be made in terms of a living situation, and your children’s best interests are a top priority.

Though the specific details surrounding your case will vary compared to other clients, a custody battle is never easy. We want to ensure you have a proper understanding of your options and the resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation, and this involves familiarity with the elements that a judge takes into consideration.

In the state of Connecticut, a judge will examine multiple factors for each party. These can include financial status, current living situations, any history of physical, emotional, or substance-related abuse, and of course, the best interests of your child or children.

Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem is an individual appointed by the court, when necessary. In legal matters where opposing parties cannot come to an agreement in terms of a parenting plan or a child-related dispute, the Connecticut courts can order a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to independently represent your child’s best interests and needs. This individual’s sole purpose is to represent a child’s best interests, and does not represent either of the parties involved, nor does the GAL make decisions for the court.

To become a GAL, a person must complete the comprehensive training program required, which is sponsored by the Judicial Branch. Further, this individual can be appointed to perform specific functions, including interviewing the parties and the child involved, investigating facts, reviewing files and facts, speaking to teachers and coaches, speaking with medical professionals, and making recommendations to the court.

Other Matrimonial Law Services

Our team has experience representing individuals in a variety of different capacities, including high net worth cases, premarital agreements, civil union separation, dissolution of marriage, division of marital property, child custody and support, spousal support, third-party custody/visitation, and family law mediation. 

The attorneys and professional staff at the firm are well aware of the unique stresses that can arise in matrimonial and family law matters, and as such, the firm strives to make what can be a difficult and painful process as straightforward and manageable as possible. Further, we recognize that our clients are under significant emotional strain, and we are sensitive to their need for regular, consistent communication and real-time updates.  Earning and maintaining trust throughout the course of representation is something we pay great attention to, and it is just as important as protecting each client’s interests.

Speak With Our Team

At the Law Offices of Charles & Concilio, our attorneys are known for their detail-oriented approach to family matters coupled with personalized attention to their clients. They understand that family law cases can be as individual as the people involved, and they offer a variety of approaches to handling complex family matters. Contact our Greenwich office by calling 203-861-6800. We proudly serve Greenwich, North Haven, Cos Cob, and the surrounding areas.


The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally difficult, and our team meets you where you are with compassion and understanding.


We represent you and your children’s best interests through custody matters by gaining a thorough understanding of your situation.

Other Services

Our attorneys can provide representation for your children’s best interests and safety when parties cannot reach agreement.